Rogner Bad Blumau

Österreich (Austria)

Wellness Visit

In the springtime, on the paths with scented breezes and storied trees in Rogner Bad Blumau, it feels as if you have entered a picture book: so artfully has it been spiraled and layered with fantasy; so intentionally has it been designed to awaken your inner child. The buildings seem to peer at you with curious eyes from verdant hills, through curly tendrils and blossoms. They appear to bow to nature in the periphery – before springing up a few feet in front of you, to usher you in…where healing springs. ♨

from Healing Springs in Rogner Bad Blumau – wellness visit

Thermal Springs

What makes Bad Blumau stand out is the colorful and curvy Rogner Bad Blumau wellness hotel with its pools of highly mineralized geothermal water — especially the deeply relaxing, therapeutic Vulkania® Spring.  

from Healing Springs in Rogner Bad Blumau – thermal springs