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Natural health and beauty does not require a lot of products. The essentials are, after all: pure water, nutrient-rich food, clean environment and thoughts, adequate restorative sleep, exercise (of the body & imagination), and an active love consciousness guiding present-moment choices.

When it comes to products, choose what enhances natural beauty, is gentle on the senses, supports good health and aligns with your values. Keep your personal regimen simple & sustainable, and stay in love.

Recommended Products

THE LIFETAKT ALOE VERA DRINKING GEL (& VITAMIN C SUPPLEMENT) in a variety of flavours. Our favourite:🍑

Comprised of 98% Aloe Vera Leaf Gel. Light and delicious, with no added sugar. A deeply hydrating boost.

This compact SPECIAL CARE BOX includes three products


🐝 PROPOLIS CREAM with natural beeswax extract

ELIXIR EMERGENCY SPRAY with aloe vera and twelve natural extracts

Keep at home in the first-aid kit

🧳🕶👒Convenient to pack and take on a holiday or day-trip


with extracts from SPIRULINA ALGAE (Arthrospira Platensis), and BLUE LOTUS (Nymphaea Caerulea).

We know that reducing digital screen time can help us feel better, and part of that has to do with the negative impact of blue light–emitted from LED displays on devices and absorbed through the skin.🖥😨

First, this serum is about reducing the impact of blue light when we really must use our computers, smartphones and other devices.👩🏻‍💻

Next step? Regular digital detox.

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