JoJo’s Journey

Greetings from the Spree Forest!

Floating on the Fließe of the Spreewald under a lush canopy of trees, spotting dragonflies and fish, while paddles stroke the stream…

Musing on the power of oxen and the coxswain and on labyrinths–in the regenerative realm of the Schlangenkönig🐍👑

ganz liebe Grüße



Wellness trips and holidays are enhanced when our humans can enjoy journeys with us! Here are some resources for planning wellness trips together in Europe.

There are hotels and resorts that “allow dogs”

and then there are those that

demonstrate what “dog-friendly” is.

JoJo’s favorite:

Rogner Bad Blumau 🇦🇹

Near the Augenschlitzhäuser guest apartments at Rogner Bad Blumau in Austria, there is a fenced-in grassy area with an agility course/dog playground. Just one aspect of the myriad thoughtful decisions that went into creating this truly dog-friendly wellness resort.

“My little dog―a heartbeat at my feet.”

Edith Wharton

O. Raggio “JoJo” di Luce

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JoJo’s 🐾🐾 Journey