Summer Vibes

The Spreewald, not far from Berlin, is a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve, and canoeing through its labyrinth of canals can shift your mind into a regenerative contemplation. It is, after all, the realm of the Schlangenkönig.🐍👑

You’ll discover layers of history, local traditions, organic products, and plenty of quiet, reflective moments in nature.

Special Care

The Special Care Box, LR Aloe Via is easy to pack and take with you on a day-trip or holiday. The propolis cream with aloe vera & natural beeswax extract adds a protective shield for skin (and paws); the concentrated gel (with 90% aloe vera) moisturizes & improves elasticity; and the emergency spray blends aloe vera with 12 natural extracts.

LR Health & Beauty

Wellness of the Essence

As a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, JoJo’s ears and eyes are especially sensitive, and as an intrepid nature boy, he always needs some extra protection for his paws. We like to use products with natural ingredients that protect and soothe these sensitive areas — so that he can stay playful & in love. The Eye Care, Paw Care and Ear Gel trio from the Bavarian brand Lila Loves It is part of JoJo’s preventive care routine. With natural ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula, euphrasia extract, lavender, and witch hazel, the products have an authentic artisanal feel and arrive in apothecary-style packaging — with a handwritten thank you note. The scents are subtle, which is important for dogs’ sensitive noses, as well as for their humans.

Dog park & playground at Rogner Bad Blumau

There are hotels and resorts that call themselves “dog-friendly” — and then there are those that demonstrate what that actually means. Near the Augenschlitzhäuser guest apartments for visitors with dogs at Rogner Bad Blumau in Austria, there is a fenced-in grassy area with an agility course/playground. It’s another reflection of the myriad thoughtful decisions that went into creating this truly dog-friendly wellness resort.

“My little dog―a heartbeat at my feet.”

Edith Wharton
O. Raggio di Luce “JoJo”

JoJo’s Journey

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JoJo’s Journey