Author: Anahita in Love

The Map and the Territory

We are in an era of extremes and with the increasing frequency and intensity of technological advances, natural disasters, and pandemics — and the global impact of conflicts, it feels as if we are all being turned into endurance athletes, with all the exigencies — whether or not we want to be. Meanwhile few have the requisite training, skillset or mindset.  Much of the status quo is either violently crumbling or quietly melting away — revealing altered environmental and mental landscapes. These rapid changes can tap into aggressive reactions in many who have grown used to zero-sum competition. This is reflected in and adds to the challenges. Not only is the map not the territory that is mapped, but we are often holding on and paying attention to old maps and paradigms while navigating new territory. We seem ancient, with so much yet to unlearn and so young, with much yet to learn and relearn.▪️

Wellness Real Estate

Where can we live and also thrive in this era of extremes? It’s not merely in a gated and guarded estate, underground bunker, or “remote” island. Even when luxurious, that’s just real estate. Where and when sage innovator-creators and investors consciously design, build and hold spaces for cooperative communities to form and thrive, rooted in holistic health and well-being: that’s wellness real estate. That might sound fanciful but at its core it’s about the correct intention. If you’ve got it, you get it. Whereas owning real estate can be fragmenting, wellness real estate is about integration. To shift from investing in and owning real estate — to investing in and owning wellness real estate, we must expand our conceptual knowledge. We will put forward here the concepts of land stewardship and wellness, and then highlight some features of wellness real estate. Land Stewardship Property ownership comes with benefits. Beyond their precise contractual obligations, though, most real estate owners are unconcerned with the wider responsibilities of property ownership — which is actually stewardship. With wellness real …

Sleeping Beautifully

Without enough sleep we all become tall two-year-olds. JoJo Jensen, Dirt Farmer Wisdom | If we’re not getting enough sleep to begin with, negative neurocognitive consequences can make it even harder to address the underlying problems and improve our situation. So first we must hold the intention to expand our wisdom and release that harmful pattern. Let’s call the entry to the virtuous cycle, “knowledge”. 1. Knowledge and self-knowledge γνῶθι σεαυτόν (Know Thyself) inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi | Sleep is complex and mysterious. It is also natural. We can begin learning about the natural aspects, in particular from findings in circadian biology. Here are some questions to guide the learning process: What is cortisol? How does the body’s cortisol response to stress affect sleep? Do I have a healthy cortisol response? What is melatonin and what is its role in the wake-sleep cycle? What depletes hormones and are my hormones depleted? Do I need to consult my doctor about hormone therapy and/or melatonin supplements? How do fluctuations in my blood sugar levels affect …

Refined Luxury

It’s no wonder that luxury can bring to mind a disquieting ambivalence. After all, there is a loud flaunted luxury which is all about extravagance and pride – and there is refined luxury. They share the same essence; but while living in luxury can mean building up a tolerance to excess, refined luxury requires that we carefully remove excess and impurities. Yes, it can take a while. Patience is a virtue. Living in refined luxury is to be light, unburdened, stable, subtle, elegant, coherent, and inspired. Refined luxury is in design that simplifies while upholding decided quality. It is in eco-friendly and sound economic decisions. Refined luxury design draws from the well in the center of one’s inner peace. It’s not for show or approval. It’s for quiet, secure, and honest goodness in harmony with nature.

Wellness Journeys

The rapid changes of our accelerating era are calling for us to speed up… Anahita in Love Wellness has been defined as a state of being in good health. In order for wellness to be meaningful, we must include mental, physical and spiritual well-being. When we apply the principle of cura personalis (“care for the whole person”), a holistic wellness practice can arise and move through our individual and interdependent realities. Cultivating and sustaining wellness requires knowledge and disciplined presence, then – to skillfully evolve and thrive in harmony with the elements: water, earth, fire, air, æther. Whenever circumstances require it, we seek counsel and care from qualified health professionals; and also, we must maintain our personal responsibility for healing and well-being. Wellness journeys are thus more than the sum of their parts; they are growth opportunities — aligning inspiration and experiences with discernment — guiding us to a sustainable daily practice. Wherever we are on the planet, wherever we are in our personal practice: the rapid changes of our accelerating era are calling for …