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If Ewe Know, Ewe Know

Night and Light and the Half-Light The Gaelic seasonal festival Imbolc takes place halfway in the cycle between the winter solstice and the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere (1 February in the calendar of days).  It is a celebration of the returning of the light, or the returning to the light, depending on one’s perception. (After all, does the sun really ‘rise’ in the east and ‘set’ in the west?) At this time, some will walk ‘round holy wells. If we tune in, we sense the days getting longer. The stretching glow of candles in the home softens the breath in the evening. Sparks. Fresh energy. These spheres ripple into our fields, always present if not always acknowledged, until they reach the graspable routine of 24 hours, in the lived experiences of our circadian rhythms. Responding to the light and the dark, these biological rhythms affect our health by influencing hormone release, body temperature, and rest and digest functions. Our internal circadian clocks need to adjust and readjust to remain in alignment with external time, …

Wellness Real Estate

Where can we live and also thrive in this era of extremes? It’s not merely in a gated and guarded estate, underground bunker, or “remote” island. Even when luxurious, that’s just real estate. What’s wellness real estate? Consciously designed spaces for cooperative communities to form and thrive, rooted in holistic health and well-being principles. Whereas owning real estate can be fragmenting, wellness real estate is about integration. To shift from investing in and owning real estate — to investing in and owning wellness real estate, we must expand our conceptual knowledge. We will put forward here the concepts of land stewardship and wellness, and then highlight some features of wellness real estate. Land Stewardship Property ownership comes with benefits. Beyond their precise contractual obligations, though, most real estate owners are unconcerned with the wider responsibilities of property ownership — which is actually stewardship. With wellness real estate, owners must center on being a property owner and a steward of the land. This means caring for the property and land as well as reaping the benefits. …

Refined Luxury

It’s no wonder that luxury can bring to mind a disquieting ambivalence. After all, there is a loud and flaunted luxury which is all about extravagance and pride – and then there is refined luxury. They share the same essence of high quality materials blended with artistry and shaped with respect; but while living in luxury can mean building up a tolerance to excess, refined luxury requires that we carefully remove excess and impurities. Yes, it can take a while. Patience is a virtue. Living in refined luxury is to be mindful, light, unburdened, stable, subtle, elegant, coherent, and inspired. Refined luxury is cultivated in designs that are eco-friendly and regenerative, while upholding quality. Refined luxury draws from the well in the center of one’s inner peace. It is not for show or approval. It is for quiet, secure, and honest goodness in harmony with nature.🌱