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In the Margins – Poem #9

| In the Margins – Poem #9 – From the pages of Mary Windermere’s Book of Exotic Fish -M.J. Heinrich |

…Come true

In the absence before your presence,

I called for your essence;

Permanence greeted me

Your entrance—alchemy—

Humans in the Garden of Eden

(We were singing—softly;

Silently conferring: 

Is it getting late to be falling in love—

in the holy beginning? 

Or is it nearly time 

to be rising in Love— 

and leaving this level of Heaven?)

Pondering these words on our island;

immersed in the crystal green water,

I open my eyes—smile and wonder— 

indigo orange fish

Remind me of a wish…

Feature photo by Marta Dzedyshko

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