The Map and the Territory

We are in an era of extremes and with the increasing frequency and intensity of technological advances, natural disasters, and pandemics — and the global impact of conflicts — it feels as if we are all being turned into endurance athletes, with all the exigencies, whether or not we want to be. Meanwhile few have the requisite training, skillset or mindset. 

Much of the status quo is either violently crumbling or quietly melting away — revealing altered environmental and mental landscapes. These rapid changes can tap into aggressive reactions in many who have grown used to zero-sum competition. This is reflected in and adds to the challenges.

“The map is not the territory.”

-Alfred Korzybski

Not only is the map not the territory that is mapped, but we are often holding on and paying attention to old maps and paradigms while navigating new territory. We seem ancient, with so much yet to unlearn and so young, with much yet to learn and relearn.🌀