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Social Light

| Photo by Vlad Chețan |

There is an idea that responsibility is the inseparable result of power, known most recently as the Peter Parker principle: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

If we consider “freedom” in this equation, it also holds: “With great freedom comes great responsibility.” 

And yet, it seems that as many achieve greater freedoms relative to most others in this world, they are paradoxically trapped in a state of mind which shirks responsibility and chases endlessly after ego-gratification. Instead of being social lights, illuminating the best in others, they become self-absorbed socialites, which is to the soul as artificial sweeteners are to the body.

So your assignment, dear reader, is to define what freedom means for you, then list the freedoms that you recognize in your life and consider how you can be a social light now – and what is furthermore possible, as your freedom expands. And remember, when you do contribute in this way to the world, it’s good to do so as anonymously as possible. Allow people to wonder where the light you’ve shared is coming from, so that serendipitously they may find it in themselves and remember their true nature.❂

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